BlackBerry 8800 Spy Software

Not only is the BlackBerry 8800 stylish, sexy and sophisticated, it also can hold the answers to all of your suspicions and worries, as the Blackberry 8800 spy software enables you to monitor your employee cell phone use to look for signs of employee espionage.

Brand new technology allows for very easy and very inexpensive spy software to be downloaded directly to a cell phone in order to monitor the activities of employees who are using company issued cell phones. To download the BlackBerry 8800 spy software you just install directly into the BlackBerry 8800 using the phone’s built in web browser.

Using BlackBerry 8800 spy software you can see the exact dates and times of every location of your staff, and most importantly you’ll be able to keep logs of all their communication that occurs via text messages, emails, and BBM chats.

Is BlackBerry 8800 Spy Software Expensive?

Surprisingly cheap, BlackBerry 8800 spy software can be downloaded for a one-time fee ranging from around $50.00 to just $150.00 depending on your preferences and it is worth every single penny!

Why Use BlackBerry 8800 Spy Software?

Employers who are in sensitive business sectors where perhaps corporate espionage is rampant, might want to install BlackBerry 8800 in order to keep tabs on their employees to make sure they are not sending sensitive information to your competitors. Another reason to use BlackBerry 8800 spy software is to make sure your field reps really are meeting with clients versus going on interviews or slacking off.

And, There’s More To The BlackBerry 8800 Spy Software!

On the BlackBerry 8800 spy software, you can also see call logs so that you can monitor all calls both ingoing and outgoing as well as the dates and times of each call. On the BlackBerry 8800 spy software you can read full text messages even when they are deleted! You even can access the calendar of their phone. The newest BlackBerry 8800 spy software even enables you to listen in on conversations and access the microphone in the BlackBerry itself.

But They Won’t Want To Be Tracked By The BlackBerry 8800 Spy Software!

So, that is exactly why the BlackBerry 8800 tracking software comes as a hidden version which means that the employee will not even know that they are using the BlackBerry 8800 spy software. Just make sure that you inform your staff before you give them the company issued phones that they are subject to being monitored — much like how our office PCs are monitored by the IT department.

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