BlackBerry Keylogger – Best 2011 BlackBerry Keylogger Apps

BlackBerry keylogger software enables you to monitor just about all activity that occurs on a BlackBerry phone. You’ll get to see such things as emails that are sent/received, monitor BBM chats, text messages, and more. If you need to monitor a BlackBerry, purchasing BlackBerry keylogger software (also called BlackBerry spy software) is not only your best option available, it’s your ONLY option. No other software product for BlackBerry phones will provide you with as much data than these type of BlackBerry spy apps.

This blog post will provide some basic info on how BlackBerry keylogger apps work, what they can record, and the best places to currently purchase these spy apps from.


The way BlackBerry keylogger & spy apps work, is you simply download the app directly into the BlackBerry that you want to monitor. The download is done via the BlackBerry’s internet browser. Once the download is complete, you go through a few installation and set up steps and then the software is ready to work. Once the BlackBerry spy software is installed and set up on a BB, there is nothing else you need to do. In fact, you no longer need access to the BB you are spying on, and can even monitor the BB from anywhere in the world.

Now that the BB spy software is installed on the phone, it will transmit the data it records to a secure account where you can then log in and view all the data. Most of the BlackBerry keylogger apps on the market require you to log into the account using any internet connected device that has a web browser, but some apps also will send the logs via email. Here is an overview of the entire process.

blackberry keylogger BlackBerry Keylogger Best 2011 BlackBerry Keylogger Apps

As you can see from the above pic, the data is recorded on the BB, sent to a secure sever, then accessed via an internet connected PC. That’s all there is to it. Very simple stuff.


Here is a list of features that is available on the current BlackBerry spying apps that are available today.

Read BBM Chats – This BlackBerry keylogger feature enables you to read BBM chats on the phone that has the spy software installed. You’ll get to see both sides of the chat session, so you will never miss anything important.

Read Emails – This feature enables you to read all incoming and outgoing emails sent/received on the BB. Full contents of each email are recorded so you will see full contents of each email.

View Text Messages – Read all contents of text messages sent and received on the BB phone. Even works if the messages are delet

View Photos & Videos – One of the more recent BlackBerry keylogger features is being able to view photos and videos snapped on the BlackBerry. The way this works is as soon as a photo or video is taken, a copy will be sent to your secure account where you can then view the photo or video.

GPS Tracking – This BlackBerry tracking feature enables you to track a BlackBerry phone. If you need to track or locate a BlackBerry, this BlackBerry locator feature will show you everything you need. You’ll get GPS coordinates, time and date stamps, and you will also be able to view the location on a map.

View Call Logs – With this feature, you’ll be able to view all the call logs on the phone. You’ll see calls made and received, along with time and date stamps.

View Contacts – This will enable you to view all the contacts stored on the phone. New contacts are also recorded by the BlackBerry keylogger software and then uploaded to your account.

View Web Browser History & Bookmarks – This feature will show you all the websites visited using the BlackBerry’s web browser, along with any bookmarks saved.

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